Vacation – Day 1


It was a long and successful first day of vacation.  The first 3/4 of the drive consisted of farms, farms, cows, farms, some rolling hills, then back to farms.  That was really boring!  Then we came to the badlands and ohhhh, the drive was gorgeous!  We drove through the Badlands National Park.  It’s about a 30 mile drive that took us about an hour & half to go through.  There were so many “scenic” look- outs that you couldn’t help stopping and getting out to see the spectacular view.  The girls loved climbing on the rocks and looking over the edge.  Sometimes a little too far for my liking.  We also spotted some wildlife while in the park.  Nate found a deer, I spotted the cute prairie dogs, and we were really lucky to see many mountain goats just hanging around high up in the hills.  Really neat!!

We are now in Rapid City, South Dakota.  We stopped for dinner, got our hotel room and the girls did some swimming.  We are all very tired and looking forward to some sleep tonight and then off for some more fun in South Dakota tomorrow.  The forcast is sunny and mid 80’s!  Perfect for sightseeing.



  1. So cool! It sounds wonderful already!!!!

    Are you at a stop when you were driving in this picture?

  2. Yes Dawn. There were many places to either park your car or just pull over. This was the very first stop when we just entered the park.

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