Day 6


We spent our day in Montana today at the Museum of the Rockies.   This museum was filled with dinosaur bones that have been found here in Montana, some of them as recent as 2006.  The picture above is “Mike the dinosaur”.  Megan & Kelly said he reminded them of the dinosaur in the movie, “Night of the Museum.”  They have the largest displays in the country.  It took us three hours to go through this museum.  One very impressive display was the actual bones of a T-Rex layed out in the same way they were found.  It was missing it’s tail because it was found near a river and the water had washed away the tail bone and some toe bones.  The funny part about this enormous dinosaur was that it was discovered by a woman who was reading by the river while her husband was fishing!  She found a few bones that didn’t look familar to her, so she brought the bones to this museum and they told her what she had found.  Can you imagine!  She got to hang out at the “dig site” while archeologists found the rest of the dinosaur.  They also have the largest skull of a T-Rex ever found.  One tooth was larger than my hand!  The museum also included a Native American section, a treasure hunting section, and an old transportation/home life area.  The girls just couldn’t imagine life with a rotary phone!   They kept asking me, “How does that work mom?”  Ha! 

The museum was only a block away from the Montana State University (MSU), so Nate & I were curious to see their campus.  It was really nice with great architecture and a scenic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains and beautiful hillsides.  Nate said it looked a lot different than Oshkosh!  I agreed, Stout didn’t look this good either.  We tried pointing this out to Megan, but she wasn’t too interested.  She already has her heart set on going to college in Colorado.  I guess that would be cool too.

Since it’s our last night before heading back east tomorrow, we decided to have a nice dinner here in Montana.  We felt the urge to eat cattle!  Prime Rib for the parents, and hamburgers & meatballs for the girls.  We tried to get Kelly to eat a Bison burger, but she just couldn’t get herself to eat what she’s been seeing for the last three days.

Tomorrow we leave and head for North Dakota.  I’m expecting that the drive won’t be as picturesque as we’ve been seeing.  But no more winding roads!!!!!



  1. That does look like Night at the museum!!! How fun!

    I’m so sorry you have to end your vacation, but I bet you

    have 100’s of pictures, that is going to be a project going

    through all of those!!! I can’t wait to see them!!!!

  2. Very nice! Can you imagine how much food this critter needs every day!? By the way, Megster, check out “Prince Valiant”. He’s been battling one of these pussycats every Sunday! Now, on to “The Corn Palace” and “Wall Street Drugs!!! Some REAL culture!!

  3. It’s funny you’d mention the “corn palace”. We passed that on our way out to Yellowstone and Nate remembers stopping at that. We decided to stop at the Badlands instead. A little more scenic, I would guess. But it was tempting!!

    I was so happy when we passed WallDrug. There were so many signs leading up to that place, it got really irritating.

  4. I was going to ask if you stopped at the “Walldrug”, I always

    see that on the travel channel, that looks cool!!! Lots of cool


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