Day 7


We saw our first rainfall today….and lots of it.  It was okay though, because we were done sightseeing and needed to drive 7 hours across Montana and into North Dakota.  The rain wasn’t too bad until our last 20 minutes of driving.  It really came down hard.  We needed a good carwash.  Once we got to our hotel, we dropped off our suitcases and headed to the hot tub and pool.  It was a great way to relax those tense muscles.

The picture above is an elk that we saw in Yellowstone.  I could’ve opened my car door, walked about five steps and petted him on those huge antlers.  Instead, I chose to take the safe route and roll down my window and take the shot from inside the car.  He was cool though.  I was hoping to see a moose at some point, but this was as close to that as I got.

Tomorrow we vacation in lovely Fargo, MN.  I see a hot tub and swimming pool in our future!


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