Flowers aplenty!

 Today I went out to my brother’s greenhouse to see what flowers, if any, that they had left.  When I called Mark to let him know that I was coming,  I asked if he had any petunias left.  He told me he had some and that he’d give me a great deal on them as well.  I asked, “What kind of deal?”  He told me the,  “I’m tired of watering” deal!  So I basically filled up the truck with as many plants as I could fit.  I thought about leaving Kelly & her friend behind so I’d have more room, but they didn’t think that was such a great idea.  Hey, I would’ve gone back and got them at some point.  I did get myself a really neat hanging flowerpot of  impatiens, Kelly picked out a hanging pot filled with a flower called, Monkey tails and we got Nate some petunias for the front yard.   So it pays to wait and get the leftovers, I guess.




  1. Wow. It looks awesome. Very Pretty Shots. Enjoyed going through your blog and found it to be very very nice.

  2. The flowers are very pretty – looks like the same basket they gave Terry last weekend as a hostess gift. You girls are lucky – I got Mom’s black thumb and can’t keep real plants alive… 😦

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