Happy 4th of July!!


It’s been a quiet 4th of July this year.  The clouds have been out all day and then the rain came in around 4:00, which worried us  a bit regarding fireworks for tonight.  Then after the rain fell, the clouds parted and the sunshine came out!  It’s going to be a beautiful night for viewing the fireworks.   We need something to perk us up after a day of reading books, playing on the computer and the Nintendo’s, and napping on the couch.  It was a perfect day for that but tonight, we celebrate!

Nate & the girls made these yummy 4th of the July cupcakes last night.  They have red, white & blue frosting and blueberries & rasberries for on top.  So delicious & patriotic!

Happy Independence Day to everyone!



  1. Very cute cupcakes! I’m sure they tasted as good as they looked too. Mmmm….

    I hope you enjoyed the fireworks. It was a bit warm here so I watched them on TV. Not quite the same, but I don’t have to deal with the awful parking and porta-potties. lol!

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