Lunch Date


Today, the girls & I had lunch with my sister, Terry and my mom (Grandma to them).  She is leaving tomorrow to head back to Arizona.  We met out in Eagan at a restaurant called, Granite City Food & Brewery.  It’s become one of my favorite places to just hang out and visit.   We had a nice time with lots of ice tea!!  ha-ha.    Let me explain….I think they were a little busy today so our food was slow to get out to us.  So to keep us “happy”, they kept sending out ice teas.  At one point, we had 6 glasses of tea and two lemonades at our table!  All of which were full.  We just started laughing when yet another waitress came over to me and asked if I had ordered the “Arnold Palmer” (which is a mix of ice tea & lemonade).  I had two full glasses in front of me, but she obviously didn’t notice.  I turned it down & Terry told her that we hadn’t ordered that.  Funny…We  weren’t in any hurry, so we didn’t care that we had to wait.  And once we got the bill, we really didn’t mind.   I was able to feed three of us for $22.  Now that’s a deal I like. 

After lunch, we hung out in the parking lot and as usual, did the half-hour of saying good-bye.  The girls gave Grandma a big hug with a promise of visiting Arizona soon.   It was nice to see my mom again and hopefully I’ll see my Dad soon as well.  Wish they were a bit closer.  But it was a great way to spend a hot afternoon.


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