By the Pool

Today was in “iffy” looking day out but we decided to head over to the pool anyway.  It was very warm & humid, so the water felt good.  At one point, a big black cloud came over and sprinkled us with a tiny shower that lasted a couple of minutes and actually cooled us off.  After that, the sun was out and we were back to being sweaty.  The kids didn’t even notice that it was raining out.  Kelly saw me with my hood on and said, “Mom, is it raining out?  Why do you have your hood up?”  It’s a good thing we parents watch the weather or our children would stay in a pool when there’s lightening out!

I love just hanging out with my friends by a pool.  It reminds me of being in my backyard when I was a kid.  I miss that pool and the convenience of it.  I need to find a friend who has a backyard pool.  ha!



  1. Yes it was a very nice day, and we had the pool to ourselves!!
    Maybe you should get a pool in your backyard and we will all
    go hang out at your house!

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