Slice of Life


Today we met my brother, Jim, for lunch at Cassetta’s down in St. Paul.  This is a great Italian restaurant that makes terrific pizza that you can purchase by the slice.  And their slices take up your whole plate!  Such cheesy goodness in your mouth.  We needed to meet up with my brother because Megan needed to get her Nintendo back.  She left it as his house last Saturday when we were over for dinner.  So the trade was made and it was a good reason to go out for lunch.

Last night both of the girls started basketball camp.  They have a two-hour practice once a week, for 8 weeks, over at the near-by junior high school.  This is a new sport for us, but they really worked hard last night and seemed to enjoy it a lot and it’s definitely good exercise.  If they want to continue, the leagues start in October and then they’ll be placed on teams and will put their new skills to work on the court.  I think it’ll be fun, but of course I just get to sit and watch!   And take pictures too!


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