A Morning Walk


This morning, Kelly & I woke up early to go do the 10th Annual MOCHA Walk For Ovarian Cancer.  It was a beautiful morning, about 65 degrees and sunny.  We walk with my friend Sue Lorentz and her family.  Sue was diagnosed 11 years ago and has been cancer free since.    We walk a little over a mile, around a pretty wooded park in Edina.  I’ve been going on this walk for ten years now and a funny thing happened today.  Since we’ve taken up the sport of disc-golf, Kelly noticed that this park has a course!  I’ve never noticed that before.  ha!    So now we’ll be heading out there for a fun game of golf.  Another reason to to go to this park.

Kelly & Megan both enjoy going to this walk with me each year and Kelly has decided to do the Kids Run next year.  She proudly wore her MOCHA sticker that read:  walking in honor of Sue Lorentz and her blue ribbon representing ovarian cancer.  She also told me, “Mom, I’m also walking for Kimberly.”  😦      She can bring tears to my eyes.


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