Fall Preparation

This weekend, it started to look and feel like fall.  This got me in the mood for dumping all of the dead flower pots that were out on the deck, sweep up the front steps and head over to my brother’s greenhouse and buy some mums to display out front.  I’m glad I chose Saturday to do all this work, because the cool and fierce winds came today.  As I’m writing this at 9:40 at night, the temperature has dropped to a cold 49 degrees!  That is chilly!

On Thursday, Nate & I celebrated our 15 year anniversary.  How did we spend it?  We went to Megan’s soccer game and then had pizza afterwards.  We used to enjoy a beautiful evening together, but times have changed and this was lots of fun as well.  Then on Friday night, we went out to a movie and dinner.  The movie was okay, but the dinner was fabulous.  We went to a place called Mediterranean Cruise Cafe.  Their main entree’s are Greek food and while we dined, we were entertained by belly dancers!  That was weird and after a while, you don’t even notice the girl, well…I didn’t anyway.  ha!

Kelly also got into the fall spirit while out at the greenhouse.  She got a bunch of gourds and a small pumpkin, which she painted, and made a cute display down on our fireplace.  So today, I got out all of my fall decorations and we decorated the house with our favorite colors.  I love our house in the fall.  It just seems so cozy, warm and inviting.  Happy Fall!!


Kelly's painted pumpkin

Kelly's painted pumpkin



  1. I am glad you had a good weekend!!! I also enjoy the Mediatarian Cruise cafe, it is very yummy! What did
    you have to eat? I have not seen the belly dancers yet,
    I have only gone on Wednesdays for book club. We
    sat outside once and it was very nice!
    The fall flowers sound so nice!

  2. Why do we get your anniversary so screwed-up? We knew it was coming but guess the time goes too fast. Happy Anniversary! I’m shaking my head wondering where those 15 years went….

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