It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring…

What a cold and blustery day we had today.  The rain was coming down quite heavily and the wind would blow it in your face.  I was happy to have had my large umbrella with me at work today.  My small one would’ve never held up to that wind.  I still ended up with soggy pants but better than ruining my hair for the day! 

Kelly started choir today.  She is amongst many other 4th-6th graders who are very eager to sing loud and sing proud.  They will be practicing every Thursday morning, before school, until December and then will put on a concert for us around the holidays.  Can’t wait for that.  Our music teacher has a knack for choosing some interesting songs that make you laugh.  I love it!

Both girls are involved in an after school program called The Environmental Club.  This club is dedicated to help clean up our school on the outside and make it look nice.  They do things such as pulling weeds, planting flowers and today they put out mulch all around the new landscaping.  This was a tough job because they had to do it in the pouring rain!  These kids were out for about 45 minutes shoveling mulch and placing it down around the bushes & plants.  They deserve much appreciation for a job well done, considering their circumstance.  I only hope they don’t all get colds!   Kelly is still fighting her first one of the season.  I’m sure being in the rain didn’t help.  But that’s what environmentalist do….they work outside, no matter what.  Good going girls.  Mom was thinking about you outside today as I sat home in the nice warm house.  🙂


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  1. Were you sitting home by the fire, eating soup, and reading a book, it was a good day for that!!!!

    Kelly and Megan you are so Awesome!!! I am so proud of you guys and our school looks excellent!!! Good Job!!

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