Pumpkin Patch


Today we headed out to Mark & Peggy’s to find our perfect pumpkins.  Terry and the boys joined us to make it even more fun.  When we first got out there, Mark brought us straight over to his popcorn machine for a yummy bag of freshly popped kernels with a variety of salts to add on top.  Mmm…a warm bag of popcorn in your hands is perfect on this cool fall day.  Love that aroma as well.

After our snack, we walked over to the greenhouse and found some beautiful pumpkins.  It was really hard to choose one this year because they had so many nicely shaped pumpkins that we kept saying, “oh, I like that one…wait, how about this one!”  ha!   But in the end, all four of us chose are best one and Terry’s boys got some interesting gourds to show off at their house.  Daniel told us that his will be great to stick a firecracker into after Halloween.  Boys…..

We’re suppose to get snow tonight and into tomorrow, so I guess my nice pumpkin display will have to come indoors for the night.  How sad is that.  I hope it warms up a bit for our trick or treaters.


One comment

  1. You girls are so cute!!!!!!!!!! We have not got our pumpkins yet, I don’t know if there are going to be any left???????

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