Dinner Party

get together

Last night we had my brother Jim and his girlfriend Sandra, over for an autumn dinner.  Our theme was pumpkins & squash.  We started our day out with Pumpkin Eggnog and appetizers.  Later I made a pumpkin lasagna that I found in the Food Network magazine and it was delicious.  It was a basic recipe with a layer of pumpkin puree in it.  I didn’t taste the pumpkin but the others said they found a hint of it.  Nate made a loaf of bread and roasted some garlic, then grilled it for some homemade garlic bread.  Mmm….tasty.  For dessert, Nate made a steamed butternut squash pudding.  It tasted like a pumpkin pie!  Delicious and very filling.  We all loved it!  Afterward we played a fun game called, “Chat Pack.”  Made us laugh so hard that our stomachs hurt.  I have to find this game and get it for around the Christmas or Thanksgiving table.  Very simple and everyone can play.   No directions required…just answer questions.

Today is sunny and it looks like a beautiful fall day.  I think I’ll relax and enjoy it.


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