Megan hard at work.

Megan had a project to work on at school for Social Studies .  She needed to do three activities on one subject and then present these to her classmates and teacher.  Her subject was Babylon.  She chose to do a painting of a cave drawing, a power point on the computer and a “walk through” of the city, which is similar to a diorama.  Her power point turned out so neat and very well done.  The cave painting was done with watercolors and the diorama was done with clay.  She did a lot of research for this and she did a wonderful job.  She’s still waiting to give her presentation but is hoping her name will be drawn tomorrow.  The waiting is the hardest part.  She just wants to get it over with!  Great job Megs!


The City of Babylon



  1. Congratulations to Megan! We are impressed with what she is doing. Very creative! Would like to be in Bunsville/Savage to see her projects. We haven’t heard how she scored but expect she aced it!

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