Snow Day!


Kelly & Megan... frozen

Well, it finally happened.  We got a snow day today!  The phone started ringing at 5:30 this morning saying that the schools will be closed.  I snuck into the girls room and turned off their alarms.  I guess they heard me, because they didn’t act surprised when they woke up late.

I’ve spent my day doing the Christmas cards, laundry and baking cookies.  They girls actually braved the outside.  They lasted about 1/2 hour.  Not bad for a temperature of -14 degrees below zero!  They’re crazy!!  Jazz, our dog, attempted the outside as well.  She lasted only 2 minutes before scratching at the door to be let back in.  ha!  I’m with her.  Brrrr….

I remember how exciting it was to have a snow day when I was a kid.  And I can still say that I enjoy these days!



  1. Looks like the girls may be frozen to those swings! Must be pretty cool on their bottoms. Grandpa is having a problem with the snow plow guys. Everytime he gets the driveway cleared, they come and fill it in. He goes out and waves his arms at them…! Fourteen below zero. Yowser! And I think it’s coming this way. Lots of water in the snow here.

  2. We had school… bummer. I guess it’s payback for last year when we had a snow day and you had to go. Now we are even.

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