King Oberman w/Puck the Fairy

Tonight we had the pleasure of watching Megan perform with some of her classmates.  They put on a play by William Shakepeare called, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  They have been working on this play for a couple of months.  They performed three times this week for the students at school and tonight’s show was the big one….the parents night.  Everyone had their lines down perfect and really did a terrific job.  Megan played King Oberon.  A king who liked to play pranks and put spells on mortals.  I asked her why she wanted to play the king and she told me, “I think it will be fun!”  Okay, good enough.  She was right and what a great job she did.  This was a comedy by Shakespeare and these kids had us laughing out loud.  Great job 6th graders!

The cast



  1. They did do a wonderful job!!!!! I loved it!!
    Did Megan enjoy it as much as Michael?
    Next year, I think it is the drama club!!!

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