Veggie Tales

Today is my first day of our “12 days of christmas” break.   I finished my book, watched tv, and played on the computer.  What a great day and I don’t even feel a bit guilty about it.   I’m sitting here waiting for the snow storm to arrive.  They say it’s suppose to start snowing after dinner-time and finish up Saturday morning.  This is such bad timing for everyone.  So many plans have to be changed and things put on hold until after Christmas.  I hope everyone takes it easy and plays it safe.

The other day, I was making dinner and needed a red pepper.  I cut the top off and looking inside of it, I noticed a smiley face.  I took a picture of it so that you could enjoy it and hopefully it puts a smile on your face this holiday season. 

can you see the smile?



  1. We decided not the risk the snow tonight, so we are staying home for Christmas Eve, Our very first time! We are going to have Tacos and watch a movie.
    Yes, that pepper is very cute!
    You finished your book!!! Yea! I will have to check Goodreads tonight!

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