Round Two of Christmas


We spent our second Christmas in Wisconsin with the Solberg side of the family.  The girls enjoy hanging out with their cousins and the adults tell funny stories that make us all laugh.   We left here on Saturday and enjoyed a nice evening with Nate’s parents and a wonderful dinner of pork tenderloin and cheesy potatoes.  Love those!  The next day, Nate’s brothers arrived and the partying began.  Jere was opening wine by 2:00.  Now that’s the start of a good time.  We hung out for a while and smelled the wonderful aroma of ham being baked and then it was time for all of the food to come out.  We grazed all day on this wonderful buffet of food that Jere worked very hard on preparing.  She’s a wonderful cook.  Jody brought over my favorite….taco dip.  She also made a “dirt cake” for dessert which the kids just couldn’t get enough of.  We enjoyed rum cake, which the kids weren’t allowed to enjoy.  After getting our fill of food, it was time to open the gifts and take lots of pictures. 

We all had such a nice time and getting together is such fun.  We had to say goodbye this morning but I think Grandma & Grandpa will enjoy their quiet day today.  🙂



  1. You know, we were all having a good time and things were going well, but then we had to play this goofy “White Elephant” game.. Play ’til “Everybody is a winner” of one gift!.It took HOURS before Cathy FINALLY won! When she got that “Lambkin” hand-puppet, things got out of control! Just don’t invite her into a game of “Spoons!!” We had a fun time!!

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