Goodbye December….brrrr…

Tonight is New Years Eve and we say goodbye to 2009.  I’m not good at remembering what all happened this past year, but I can’t think of anything bad, so I”ll say it was a good year.  We did get to travel this summer and that is my highlight of 2009.  It also was a good year because both Nate & I have jobs.  In this past year, we’ve seen & heard of a lot of our friends who have lost their jobs and we are very thankful to have been able to keep ours.  The girls are doing fabulous in school and continue to try new things, new sports and gain more friends.  That’s what it all about for kids!

Speaking of kids….Megan went outside and played today….brrrr.  But anyway, she found this chunk of snow and sculpted it into the shape of Africa.  Pretty cool.  What an artist!  No wonder she’s in the gifted program.  ha!  🙂

Enjoy your night and be safe.

Megan & her continent


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