Weird Science

Megan's experimental loaves

The girls’ weekend has been spent working on their science fair projects with the help of their dad.  Kelly is doing an experiment on which brand of batteries lasts the longest and Megan is doing her experiment on what factors affect a loaf of bread.  She made and baked six loaves of homemade bread yesterday.  Then the four of us had to taste-test her loaves.  Mmmm…that was fun (except for two of them).  It was a fun for them to see results right away.  They got so excited.  Kelly is still testing her “c” batteries today and we have to keep checking the tiny lightbulbs to make sure they haven’t gone out.   Next step for the girls is to write-up all of their data and then post it all to their cardboard poster board, along with photos that they took.   All of this then will be on their table for display at the science fair in late January.   Both girls have taken the afternoon off and have gone to their friends’ house.   I can’t help but keep checking those tiny lightbulbs for Kelly. 

Kelly's 'testing' box



  1. Wow! I’m very impressed with their experiments (funny about the two loaves that weren’t fun to taste test). I don’t remember doing anything this detailed when we were their age. Good work girls (and Nate :))!

  2. Peg, I NEVER had to do anything this detailed when I was their age. Maybe this is my payback, right? Now I get to be involved in all their work. No matter. I’m completely impressed with all of their work. They’re really getting into the spirit of their projects.

  3. We had to check liquids freezing ever 15 minutes all day, I would rather be testing yummy bread!!! He got his experiment done too, now to the not so fun work for Michael ( Making all the charts and documenting it all).
    Good projects girls!!!!!!
    Stay warm!!!!

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