Appetizers To Go

Tray of goodies

Yesterday we went over to some friends house for our monthly get-together.  This time we were in charge of appetizers.  So I went grocery shopping for some specific ingredients for one of Megan’s favorites.   She loves those tiny sandwiches made with pumpernickel bread, cream cheese, cucumber & dill.  Every New Years Eve, she heads over to the neighbor’s house, late afternoon to celebrate with them.  They always have these on their menu and Megan raves about them.  This is how I came up with the idea to serve them last night.  The best part about them, was that I had her make them.  She & I hung out in the kitchen yesterday enjoying mother/daughter time.  I was spreading on cream cheese while she was peeling & cutting up cucumbers.  It was lots of fun and I love the fact that my girls like to cook with me.  Megan will be taking a class next year that will relate to cooking & food.  It’s called FACS….we used to call it Home Ec.  Same thing.  But I remember how much I enjoyed that class and getting to cook on a lab day.  I know she’ll enjoy it too.   Mmm…now it’s time to go find the leftovers!



  1. I love those sandwiches too!!!! Michael did not take that class because he saw you had to SEW! So he took the food science, whatever that means????

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