Kelly Turns Ten!

Kelly's butterfly cake

I have to start by saying, “Happy Birthday Kelly!!!”  It was 10 years ago that we welcomed Kelly into our lives.  She was a happy baby and continues to be that way…well, most days.   Kelly & I worked on her birthday cake last night.  We made a butterfly cake.  Kelly has always liked butterflies, so I thought that it would make a cool cake.  I was right, it was cool!  Kelly did all of the decorating on the cake and I helped take it out of the oven.  All of her friends were impressed when they saw it at the party. 

Kelly’s party was at Grand Slam in Burnsville.  This is a facility which has mini- golf, Krazy Kars (bumper cars), laser tag, batting cages, a playzone and of course, an arcade.  There’s also a separate party room for the actual party.  This is where you can sit down, eat pizza & cake and open gifts.  It was three hours of unlimited play and tons of fun for the kids.  Did I mention how easy it is for the parents?  Nate & I were thinking that we should have brought the newspaper along.  Plus the fact the girls are getting older, they don’t need our help anymore.  sniff-sniff

We have a tradition at our house that on your birthday you get to pick a restaurant to go out to that night.  Kelly is trying out a new place that she’s never been to.  It’s a local establishment called Buffalo Tap.  They have really good cheese curds and I think that may have been the selling point in her choosing.   It’s time to open family gifts first.  Happy Birthday Kel! 

Kelly w/girlfriends at mini-golf

One comment

  1. Happy Birthday, Kelly! Looks and sounds like you had a great celebration with family and friends today at Grand Slam! I LOVE the Butterfly cake….. you did a beautiful job on it!

    I am so looking forward to seeing you for lunch over spring break at noodles. I will give you your gift then. You are a precious young lady!



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