Last night I finally got to enjoy my christmas present from Nate.  Tickets to see Michael Buble’ at the Excel Energy Center in St. Paul.  We had excellent seats.  Sitting in the 7th row just to the right of the stage.  They were perfect.  The show started out with a warm-up band which was an “a capella” group from New York called, “Natural 7.”  They were fantastic and we enjoyed them as well.  Then the big guy came out and we were entertained for the next hour and a half.  Michael Buble’ was very funny, personal, and he has an infectious smile that I absolutely loved.  He sang some love songs and quite a few upbeat songs as well.  I think my favorite part was when he sang, Twist & Shout and had the entire stadium on their feet dancing.  They turned on the house lights and it was amazing to look around at 14,o00 people dancing.  Very fun!!!    Nate & I enjoyed our night out and hope to do this again.  We’d definitely go see Michael again.


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