A Springy Weekend

Next Saturday is National Scrapbook Day but we celebrated it yesterday by having an all day crop at a local church.   My friend Dawn & I did some serious scrapbooking.  She finished a whopping 24 pages!! and I was lucky enough to finish my travel album….finally.   I still have to write in it, but the photos are in and that makes me feel good.  I need to make myself finish that writing before our next outing in May.   Then it’s back to my family album and/or the girls school albums.   We had lots of fun, good food and conversation.   I love those days!

Today we are heading over to our friends house for a brunch.   I’m trying not to eat, but it’s tough to break that habit of waking up and eating breakfast.  It’s a gloomy Sunday, so this get together will be a nice thing to do to keep us motivated and moving.  Otherwise, I would love to be laying on my couch reading a book.  Maybe they’ll be time for that when we get home.

April is coming to a close soon and I can’t believe how fast this month has gone.  It’s been a wonderful spring and I hope May is just the same.  The crabapple trees are in bloom and the smell is wonderful on our walk to school each day.  I wish those trees could stay that way throughout the summer.  They’re beautiful.


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