Summer and Swimming Just Go Together

Megan & friends relax, poolside

What a gorgeous day we had today.  The humidity was gone, there was no wind, the sun was shining down and the temperature was about 75 degrees.  That says “swimming day” to me.  I took the girls over to the Redwood Pool in Apple Valley, where we met a couple of other friends and their kids.  When we first got to the pool, there were only 10 kids in it!  We felt like we owned the pool.  Later on a few more people arrived, but they never even filled up the chairs. 

The older girls (pre-teens) swam for the first half of the day and then tanned on their chairs and chatted and giggled.  We looked over at them and realized that they had quarters on their bellies.  When we asked what they were for, they told us they were being used as tattoos.  Megan had three on her belly,  strategically placed in the form of Mickey Mouse.  Andra made a flower and Rebeccah had a smiley face with hers.  After an hour or so, they took them off and sure enough, they had these “tattoos” on their bellies.  ha!  Very funny.

Kelly and her friend never left the water, except for the “adult-swim” time, when she’s forced out.  She and her friend Amanda, had their goggles on for most of the time and swam around and played games under & above water.  They also like jumping off the diving board. 

It was a fun, relaxing day at the pool and I’m looking forward to more of those days.

Kelly & Amanda keeping cool.


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