Ice Cream Party!

The team!

Tonight we hosted Megan’s soccer team party.  Our theme was an ice cream party.  We supplied the vanilla ice cream and we asked everyone else to bring a topping to share.  We had 13 pre-teen girls running around playing badminton, lawn darts and just hanging out chatting & having fun.  A few of the parents stayed as well and our coach & his two assistants were present as well.  After a half-hour into the party, the coach called all of the girls up to sit at the table.  He had brought a test along for them to do.  You should’ve seen their faces when they found out they had to sit at a table with paper & pencil in hand.  Priceless!    It turned out to be a really fun trivia test which spanned their entire season.  Coach must have taken some good notes throughout, because these questions went way back to late April and even the girls were surprised by some of the answers.  What a fun idea. 

After the test, it was time for ice cream.  There were some creative toppings as well.  We had a pan of brownies, chocolate chip cookies, peanuts, strawberry & fudge sauce, whip cream, chocolate covered marshmallows, and even Oreo cookies.  There may be a few stomach aches tonight.

It sure turned out to be a fun evening and Megan was so thrilled to have all of these girls over to her house.  She loved showing off her room and just hanging out.    Well that’s it for soccer this year.  I think we can now say that the season is over for the Burnsville Fire Team.  It was a good season and we enjoyed watching them play.

The ice cream "island"


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