Fashionable Girls

What can you do on a 96 degree day with a heat index of 103?  We decided that hitting the mall would be our best option.  The girls have both outgrown their jeans and need some for this upcoming school year so that was our focus for today.  And yes…we did find a few pairs for both.  The popular jeans this season are the “skinny jeans” and the girls were fortunate to find just the right size.  I wish I was that size again to be able to even consider skinny jeans!   But they really do look cute on both girls.  Of course, once our goal of finding jeans was met, their eyes started wandering to the shirts and tops section.   The next discussion was, “Mom, we need something new for picture day and the first day of school.”  Okay…every girl wants to wear something new on those days, so off we went to the “tops/shirt” section.   They each found a few things that were very reasonable and I felt good that they were able to find things on sale to help us out.

After a couple of hours of shopping, we decided it was time to sit down and relax, so we headed over to Caribou and got some nice cool drinks.  Aah, what a nice way to end a hard day of shopping.  And best of all, we never go too hot!


One comment

  1. Sounds fun! I have to force Michael to buy things. I tell him if he doesn’t pick out something I will for him!

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