Summer Eats!

This tomato was perfect for Pizza Margaritta

Between my bother Mark and my neighbor Carmen, we have our very own farmer’s market.  Each of them has tomatoes, peppers and Carmen even has cucumbers….which she calls “pickles.”  I think this may be a Wisconsin thing, but even so…they are delicious!  

Today I saw here outside and she says, “you want more tomatoes?”  It’s hard to say no to that and being the fabulous neighbor that I am, I politely said, “yes I do.  I’ll be right over.”   She really doesn’t mind because if you’ve ever planted a vegetable garden you know how hard it is to keep up with the demand of your growth.  Sometimes I just go over there at dinner time and pick what I need.  I don’t know if she’s even home but I know she won’t mind.  It’s just so much fun to pick your veggies and then walk home and eat them right away.   Since Mark isn’t too far away, we tend to drive over to the greenhouses for what we call our “field trip” for the day.  We usually spend a couple of hours walking around the greenhouses, playing with the animals and chatting with the owners….Mark & Peggy.  This year Mark was very excited to show us his “baby”.  It’s called a “Ghost Pepper.”  It’s the hottest pepper in the world.  It is 100 times hotter than a habanero.  This pepper is usually grown in Asia, I believe.  When we asked him why he’s growing this, he says, “Because I can.”  Okay…good enough for us.  He says he has some customers that know about this plant and will definitely be interested in these peppers.  Whew!!  Too hot for my blood.  But I sure would love to see my brother try to take a bite of this.  My camera would be snapping!   And I think I’d be laughing a bit as well. 

The Ghost Pepper.

 Anyway, this is what summer eating is all about.  Fresh vegetables right off of the vines, corn on the cob that has just been picked and summer evenings out on the deck to enjoy it all.  Hope you’re having these fresh meals as well throught the summer.

Wish I could grow peppers like this.


One comment

  1. My peppers never get big enough???? That is a nice tomato!! My tomatos are not getting that big either. How do they do it???
    I love love fresh veggies!

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