What A Witch!

outside of the theater

Today, my sister Terry and I went to the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis and saw the play Wicked.  We had heard good things about the play and we were pleasantly surprised and really enjoy the show.  We did, however, have a few problems.  Sitting in front of us were too very tall woman (over 6 feet tall) and they got to sit in actual chairs rather than the theater seats because they were in the wheelchair section.  I guess if they don’t have any wheelchair people, they just set out two seats & sell two more tickets.  Fine…except that the chairs were a pub-style chair so these two woman were towering over everyone!   Total obstruction.  We had to watch the show between their shoulders and looking around them at times.  Not too fun.

The show itself was loosely based on the book.  Glinda was so funny and both witches had incredible voices.  That’s what I love most about going to these musicals.  These actors/actresses are so talented and have such beautiful voices.  So much drama!   I can’t wait to go to my next one…hopefully soon.

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