A Mid-week Visit

hanging out at the bowling alley

This week, we had Grandma & Grandpa Solberg come visit for a few days.   It was their 48th wedding anniversary this past Wednesday and we were lucky enough to spend it with them.  They arrived Tuesday night and of course, Grandma brought some yummy treats.  So we chatted that night while enjoying a can of mixture (chex mix) and peanut butter chocolate bars. 

The next morning we enjoyed a brunch that I prepared.  It was Orange Marmalade French Toast.  I served it with a side of bacon.  So delicious!!   After that, we needed a walk.    Then it was time to shower up and get ready for the Twins game.  This was our gift to Cardell & Jere for their anniversary.  But before we left, Nate made brats and I made a cilantro coleslaw for dinner.  If you have dinner guests from Wisconsin, it’s always good to serve brats!!   Then we headed out to the game.  It was a perfect evening for an outdoor baseball game.  The Twins were playing the Chicago White Socks and beat them in the end by a score of 7-6.  Very close and exciting game.  And Cardell & Jere were nice enough to cheer on the Twins even though they’re Brewers fans. 

On Thursday we woke up pretty tired from the night before and had a nice, relaxing morning.  Then we decided to go bowling.  We headed over to the Brunswick Zone in Lakeville for two hours of bowling.  We played two games, ate pizza and pop and had a great time before saying goodbye to Grandma & Grandpa. 

It’s always nice when they come for a visit and I know how much they enjoy seeing their granddaughters, Megan & Kelly.   Before I sign off, I have to give my two favorite sayings from the weekend.  #1.  When Grandpa was asked, “Are you Facebook?”  his reply, “I don’t twit or face.”   #2.  Ice Cold Limon Chill!!!!

Happy Anniversary!   Thanks for a great couple of days.   🙂



  1. Thanks for the “vacation”! It’s always fun to come to your house. You were so thoughtful to take us to the new Target Field. Great gift! Then bowling & pizza to cap it off. Megan & Kelly, I’ll practice up for the golf course next time!!

  2. ” Ice-cold lemon chill, Ice-cold Lemon..”..You see, you have to say this in “street” language. We were “forced” to sit in an aisle seat, and this vendor kept swinging his hairy arms in a 180 degree circle..” Ice-cold..” Practice it without finishing the “LLL”.. ( Must be a Minnesota thing). Actually, we had a ball! Thanks for the fun time. We’ll root for the Twins! ( Unless they play the Brewers!)

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