Up and Running

Nate does most of the work for me

I’m back on the Internet.  For a little over a week, I have not had my laptop.  It crashed on me and we were forced to buy a new one…okay, we really wanted to buy a new one and this was as good excuse as any.  My old one is over at Best Buy with the Geek Squad as we speak and they will hopefully be able to wipe it clean and get it back to being user-friendly.  When they ran a test-scan on that computer, they found that it has, “the king of all viruses” on it.  They told me that they rarely see this virus and it only attacks about 1 in 3,000 computers.  Aren’t I the lucky one.  Anyway, I’m up and running with this new HP laptop with the new Windows 7,  but I don’t have all the bells & whistles loaded yet, so no picture can accompany todays blog.   But I’m happy to be typing again.

This week was a busy one.  I had to go back to work (sort of).  Had three days of workshops, which translates to “sitting on my butt for 8 hours a day with a one hour lunch break.  Actually, most of the topics were interesting this year, so that helped a bit.  The girls were home alone during these long hours and boy did they enjoy that.  Nothing got done, the house was a mess and talk about being wound-up!  It was good to get some order back into our daily routine once Wednesday afternoon came. 

Wednesday night was a big night for Megan.  It was the Junior High open house.  She got to go over and try out her locker combo, meet her teachers, and get her class schedule for the year.  It was a high-energy night with kids and parents running all over the place trying to find out where they should be and acting like they know it all.  I was there to pay for it all…making sure she had lunch money in her account, buying a gym shirt and ordering her class pictures.  I felt so used.  But it was a fun night and I think Megan is so ready for this next step and she’ll do great in her new school.  I’ll miss her.  😦

Kelly’s big day was on Thursday.  She too, had her open house this week.  Same deal.  She met her teacher, brought her supplies in and I payed for everything.   It’s a little quieter at the elementary level and kids seemed to know where to go and what room they should be in.  While the girls roamed around visiting past teachers, I headed over to visit with some of my co-workers as well.  It was a fun day for us all. 

I wish summer didn’t have to end but I knew it would.  I just have to get my mind-set into “work mode” and I’ll be off to start another school year.  This will be my sixth year at Hidden Valley and please let it be a good one!   🙂

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