A September Day

It isn’t officially  fall yet, but there sure are signs of it around here.  Kids are back to school, chillier weather has moved in and football season has started.  My husband will argue with me on this.  In his mind, summer is over but I’m not giving up on summer just yet.  The grass is still green, the leaves are still on the trees and they too, are green and today it was 80 degrees!  Now that’s still summertime, so let’s keep that grill going a little while longer.

I did, however, take advantage of this sunny day and headed out to my brother’s greenhouse to purchase a few containers of mums.  The greenhouses are filled with these.  It looked like a sea of mums.  Beautiful!  My favorite time of the year to go out there and browse.  I love the fall colors.  I went a bit earlier this year because last year I was late on this and their wasn’t much left to choose from.  This year, I wanted the first pick.  Megan picked out a couple of containers for the back yard and we decided to put them out on the deck.  She chose a dark red mum.   Kelly chose the burnt-orange for the front.  Both colors look warm and inviting.  My only problem is going to be on Sundays when we hang out that purple & gold Vikings flag.  It’s going to clash with my beautiful fall display.

Deep Reds of Autumn


One comment

  1. Sorry, but shopping for mums equals autumn. I whole-heartedly agree with your sentiment, but the good part of autumn is here. By the time the calendar recognizes it we’ll be in the bad part of autumn, where the sky is gray and foreboding for six straight weeks, the leaves are gone and we’re turning blue as we try to stand outside. Better to acknowledge it now, while its still pleasant thing!

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