Decorating For Fall

A table display

The girls & I spent today decorating our house for fall.  We love to take out all the fun pumpkins, scarecrows, leaves and other decorations and spread them around the house.  We love the autumn colors, they make our home so cozy.  The girls also cleaned the playroom and got rid of  the clutter.  Once it was all put together, the room looked totally different again.  I hope they keep it that way.

While we cleaned & decorated, we had the Vikings game on in the background.  Good thing, because I would’ve probably turned the channel had I been sitting on the couch watching it.  We are off to a terrible start this year and just don’t look like we’ve got anything to offer.  Even our Brett Favre through at least three interceptions today.  I think his eyesight needs to be checked.   On the positive side, we still have our Twins.  They are in first place and look to win their division.  Now if they can just keep playing this way after the post-season, we’ll have a shot at some great baseball.   But of course, hockey practice has started, so I’ll be keeping my eye out for The Wild as well.

Who needs cool weather, with all this going on, you sure can tell it’s fall!

One comment

  1. That is a cute fall display, I can’t wait to come over and see your house. I love your decorations in the fall, it goes with your house so great!

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