I’ll Have S’more Please

I’m going back a couple of days because I haven’t had time to blog about our Sunday.  The day started out with us having to babysit our neighbors two dogs while they have the gift opening for their daughter, who got married the night before.   One of the dogs is Jazz’s mom, the other is Bailey.  She’s a Pointer like Jazz but she has a few other qualities that the others do not.  Like, how her tongue never stays in her mouth and when she runs, it’s always sort of, sideways.  ha!  But, she’s cute and we love her.  We put Kelly in charge of giving them treats and it was pretty funny seeing them all together.  This was the only way to get a picture of all of them together.

The triplets waiting patiently

That afternoon, my brother Jim came over to watch the second half of the Vikings game and stay for dinner. We enjoyed appetizers while watching the game and then for dinner it was Chicken Breasts stuffed with Zucchini & Goat Cheese. They were delicious! But the fun & treats came after dinner. We had our first indoor bonfire. We made four different types of S’mores. The Elvis S’more, which had peanut butter & bananas. The Mint Chocolate Chip, which had peppermint patties & mini choc. chips on a chocolate graham cracker. The Carmel Apple which had slices of green apples & rolo’s on a cinnamon graham cracker. Finally, the Cinnamon Toast, which had a white chocolate bar & butterscotch chips on a cinnamon graham cracker. Of course, all had toasted marshmallows on top.

The goodies

It took me longer to get all of the supplies cut, sorted, unwrapped and displayed than it did for us to eat them.  We all sampled each one and we all had our favorites.  I, personally, enjoyed the caramel apple best but wouldn’t hesitate to try them all again.  They were fun and delicious to eat.  Everyone had a good time making their own special s’more.

Campfire treats!


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