I Love Fall

What a gorgeous fall weekend we had.  The colors are starting to change around here and should be at full peak by midweek.  The nights are getting chilly and we’re starting to wear sweatshirts.  I love these days, especially when the sun is shining and it lights up the colorful trees.

The outside of Chateau St. Croix

Yesterday, Nate & I traveled up to St. Croix Falls, WI to meet up with my brother, his girlfriend and another couple.  We met at the Chateau St. Croix Winery where we enjoyed a half-hour tour of their winery and then enjoyed five flights (small glasses) of our choice of wine that they offered at their wine tasting.  It was a neat winery with an old fashion feel to it.  The building itself was designed from a château in France.  We spent about two and a half hours there enjoying the day.  Unfortunately, this is a relatively new winery and they have another year left before they can actually use their own grapes.  They told us that it takes 6-7 years for a winery to produce grapes that are usable in a wine.  So for now, they get them shipped in from California and work with those to make their own style of wines.  The vines that they do have are hearty enough to withstand our winter and don’t need to be buried each fall.  Very nice for them.   A lot of their wines that we tasted were sweet wines.  I’m not a big fan of those but we did enjoy a couple of their Port wines which were very unique & tasty.  We imagined ourselves eating a nice slice of chocolate cake with their Ports.

Cool chairs to hang out in

We had a great day hanging out in the vineyard.  There was even a wedding going on outdoors back near the fields with beautiful hills of colors in their background.  I imagine they’ll have some very pretty wedding photo’s.  We did our own picture-taking inside and had our own fun.




  1. Beautiful pictures and a really nice history. Enjoyed!!! Thank you.

    Send me a bottle when they get their own 🙂

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