Twins Territory


waving our flag proudly


Big day here in Minnesota.  The Twins have their first game with the Yankees in the playoffs.  The Twins haven’t been playing well since they clinched the division so they really need to step up and win this first game and get some confidence back into their fans.  We believe in them, but it’s hard to stay confident when we have to play the dreaded Yankees.  We really, really dislike the Yankees here in Minnesota.

So for fun, Nate stopped at the grocery store on his way home from work and picked up a package of Twin Dogs.  These are like the old “Dome” dogs, but you can get them in the grocery store.  They’re a very large hot dog and super filling in the stomach.  We had ours with chili, cheese and onions on top.  Mmmm…delicious!  For dessert, he bought some fun cupcakes decorated with red & blue sprinkles and they have baseballs & bats on top of them.  Cute and tasty.   We couldn’t get playoff tickets, so we turned our basement into Target Field for the night.


enjoying our cupcakes



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