Toasting My Girls!

It’s been quite a week for Megan & Kelly.  I’ll start with Megan.  She interviewed last week to be on the yearbook staff.  She found out yesterday that she “got the job.”  She’s pretty excited to be a part of this project and can’t wait to run around with a camera taking pictures for the book.  I did this with my girlfriends in high school.  It’s funny how everyone wants to be your friend when you have a camera hanging around your neck.  They all want to be in the yearbook.  Way to go Megs!

Kelly started her week out by trying out for the 5th grade play.  They are doing a play on the Revolutionary War.  She wanted the part of Betsy Ross and she got it.  She has the second most lines in the play, meaning…she got one of the lead roles.  She is thrilled and has already started memorizing her lines.   Today she found out that she is the class representative in her room and her math teacher called home tonight to tell me that she got an A on her math test!  Wow, what a week for her.  I think I should have her buy a lottery ticket.

Last weekend, I had the chance to go and scrap-book all day saturday.  I am so far behind in my albums and this summer I didn’t even work on the girls’ school albums.  So I took Kelly’s along with me and I finished her whole fourth grade year in one day.  I didn’t get any journaling done, but the pictures are in and the pages decorated.  For that….I toast myself!


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