A Walk In The State Park


capturing the colorful treetops


What a gorgeous fall day it was today, here in Minnesota.  We couldn’t let it pass us by, so we headed out to Afton State Park and spent a wonderful day hiking through the beautiful path along the St. Croix River.   We knew that we have missed the peak coloring this week, but we still managed to find some pretty trees along our walk today.  The girls have always enjoyed hiking through the woods during the fall.  Today was no different.  They’ve always been good at spotting things while on the walk and today, Kelly managed to find this palm size toad hiding amongst the leaves on our path.  Most of the leaves were brown, so we complimented her on her good eyesight.


Kelly's friendly frog


After walking through the pretty leaves, we ended our hike by taking a trail that took us through the prairie grass.  The wind had picked up and the sound of the grass waving in the wind was so relaxing.  As we walk on our path,  we had a sea of golden grass flowing in the wind.  Very pretty.


The prairie


We went home after a spectacular day spent outside and grilled some chicken thighs and baked some butternut squash for a delicious dinner to end our perfect fall day.  I hope you got out and enjoyed it as well.

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