Two V’s in a Day

What do I mean by this?   It means…Vikings and Victory.  Two words that haven’t been going well together this season.  But I’m very happy that it happened today.  Our team was 1-3 going into this game today and we needed to beat Dallas in a big way.  They too, were 1-3, so both teams were in a must-win situation.  Lucky for us, we were victorious by the end.  It was a close game throughout and we knew it would come down to the fourth quarter and actually to that dreaded 2 minute warning.  But in the end, it was a 24-21 win for the purple.

Nate & I went over to a co-worker of mine & her husbands townhouse to watch the game.  It was fun to meet some new people and we enjoyed the company.  We did, however, feel like the old people.  Most of them had children under 5 and there were a couple of 5 month olds and then in walked a couple with a baby who I’d guess was a couple weeks old!  It was fun to watch those little ones and remember those “good ol’ days” and then return home to our “old kids” that can make their own dinner.  ha!

I think my new Viking shirt from Cub was the lucky charm for today.  So I’ll  carefully hang it up in my closet (unwashed, of course) for that huge game Sunday night.  Packers vs Vikings.  Always a great game and always a frustrating game.  Those are the good ones.  I hope we win so I can receive my $1 in the mail.  Maybe I’ll start saving to buy Nate a matching shirt from Cub!


Cub Foods--my new favorite clothing store.




  1. “This one” bets that the Vikings will, somehow, survive the day and beat the Pack, sunday! Her confidence is so high, she lowered the bet from $2. Some confidence. Go Packers!

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