Blankets For Fall

The time has come, where I have officially changed over my closets to winter or should I say, warmer clothes.  I have packed away the shorts and sandals and have brought out the socks and blankets.  We had a “sneak peak” of winter-like weather this week with gusty winds that were 50 miles per hour and some at times, even higher.  There was no recess for the kids and lots of carpooling by parents taking their kids to and from events that normally they could walk to.  It was just that cold, windy, rainy and even a few snowflakes were sighted at times.  Brrr…

Today, however, we saw the sun and felt it’s warmth once again.  No mittens or even hats were needed while playing outside.  I looked out my kitchen window and saw this wonderful sight.  Not a blanket of snow, but a blanket of leaves.  Our huge maple tree in our backyard always drops its leaves late in the season.  It turns a beautiful bright yellow color and with such large leaves, it covers our whole yard.  I just love it!  When the girls were little, we used to sit them in the middle of all these leaves and take pictures.  It makes a perfect backdrop.  Today my girls weren’t home when I shot this photo, so it looks a bit bare without them, but maybe I can get them to sit outside tomorrow….for old time sake.

our fall blanket


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