Tricks or Treats?

Megan & Kelly taking over my kitchen

Today the girls made some spooky treats for a dinner party that we’re going to tonight.  They made bloodshot eyeballs and green witches.  The sad part about this, is that Megan & Kelly are able to make these desserts all by themselves without my help anymore.  It made me a bit sad, not to mention a bit bored!

The witches faces were made from vanilla pudding cups mixed with neon green food coloring and they drew faces with a black sharpie.  There are chocolate graham cookies on top of the pudding cups and sugar cones were “glued on” with black icing to make the hats.

wicked witches

Next, they made the eyeballs.    They are made with white powdered donuts and red icing gel for the blood.  They “glued” on green M&M’s for the eyeball in the center and used black icing for the pupil.  These were pretty simple to make but sure look real.

get some Visine for these eyes!

We are planning on playing one trick tonight.  We’re telling everyone that the witches faces are guacamole rather than pudding.  We’ll see who’s brave enough to give it a try.

Have a fantastic Halloween Eve!



  1. Congratulations to the tricky kitchen “scientists”. What fun! Enjoy your party tonight! Gram

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