Happy Halloween!

The girls got many compliments on their pumpkins.

October 31st came up fast for us.  This is the first year ever, that we had to carve our pumpkins on Halloween.  We just ran out of time this week.  We had gotten our pumpkins a week ago out at my brother’s greenhouse and they’ve been displayed out front all week.  So yesterday, we brought them in to warm up and carved away all afternoon.  It was actually kind of fun to do them on Halloween because it gave the girls something to do all day and keep their minds off of trick or treating.  It’s always hard to wait all day for the fun evening event.  We even saved the pumpkin seeds and toasted them in the oven for a delicious treat.  We made a batch of plain salted seeds and  a batch of chipotle chile pepper with garlic salt seeds.  Now those were tasty with just a bit of heat!  Then it was finally time to put on the costumes.  Megan dressed as Waldo (aka: Where’s Waldo?) and Kelly was a Candy-Corn Witch.  They both looked great in their costumes.

Candy-Corn witches are nice.

Where's Megan?...I mean, Waldo?

I’ve been handing out candy tonight, while Nate took Kelly over to her friends neighborhood and Megan is out with her girlfriends somewhere in our neighborhood.  It’s a beautiful evening out, no wind and temperature is around 43 degrees.  Since tomorrow is a school day, the trick or treaters are arriving early and I’m down to one bag left.  I think I’ll make it.  I had one little girl walk right into the house & scream, “trick or treat” at me while I was still sitting at the island on my chair.  I just looked over in surprise.  Okay, where are your parents?  But she was so darn cute that I just smiled and walked over to her and handed her some candy.  Then she opened the door back up and walked out.  Anything can happen on Halloween~

I hope you had a spooktacular night.  Boo!!

our scary pumpkins


  1. She did have fun with her friends, Kyrstin & Kyra. They went over in the neighborhood by Canterbury. The Junior High girls were a riot tonight. Lots of giggles & having a good time.

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