We Knew It Would Happen

The First Snow...brrrr

It’s November 13th and the snow has arrived.  And it’s arriving in a very big way!  It started around midnight last night and is suppose to keep coming throughout the day.  We are expecting somewhere from 6-8 inches of this lovely white stuff.  I know we all hate to hear that the snow is coming, but there’s always something so exciting about the first snowfall.  I myself, couldn’t wait to peek outside this morning to see it.  The snowflakes are large and very wet.  Perfect for making that front-yard snowman for all to see.  Every tree branch is covered from end to end.  The snow is so heavy that our birch tree branches are touching the ground.  It really is a pretty winter wonderland outside.  I always go out and take pictures of the first snow each season, and I know that later on we’ll be tired of it, but today I’m going to enjoy looking out the window and keeping cozy in my house.  A true snow day!

A snowy tree



  1. It was wonderful wasn’t it! Too bad this didn’t happen on Monday though, it would have been a snow day for sure!

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