Christmas Present

This morning we went to church and then afterward we went over to the cafeteria for our annual Shopping Spree for kids.  This event is really fun for the girls because they get to go shopping without mom & dad hanging around and then wrap their gifts when they are done.  All gifts range from .50 cents to $2.00.  This year, Megan is too old for the event and had to sit out at the table with Nate & I and enjoy coffee & donuts, or in her case, lemonade and donuts.    So I guess she gets to go shopping the mall.  I think she’ll be okay with that.  Of course, we’ll give her a budget as well.

Kelly couldn’t wait to come home and put the first presents under the tree.  It was hard for her to keep quiet and not tell us what she had bought or even give a clue.  I love how excited she was and more importantly, how excited she is for us to open her gifts.

The tree seems to come to life now that some gifts are placed under it.  Kelly now has the Christmas bug and says, “Now I’m in the mood for opening presents!”  Oh my!  It’s only December 5th!  It’s going to be a long month for her.

pretty packages from Kelly


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