Big Band Sound

The band with a rock wall behind it. Very classy 🙂

Tonight I went to Megan’s 7th grade band concert over at Eagle Ridge Junior High.  The band consists of 57 members, with a heavy emphasis on flute players.  Must be the popular instrument these days.  Megan has been playing percussion for three years now and Nate & I have sat through some “difficult” concerts at the elementary level.  I’m delighted to say that this concert was pleasant to listen to and easy on my ears.  They played a nice mix of music ranging from Fanfares, to Edelweiss, and ending with Holiday Bells are Ringing.  The percussionists kept very busy back there playing such things as the gong, chimes, bells and of course, the snare drum.   It brought back wonderful memories of my junior high band days and how much fun we had.  This group sounded terrific and I’m looking forward to their next concert in the spring.

Noelle, Megan & Kristen after the concert



  1. I am so glad you enjoyed the concert,you can tell the kids enjoy themselves as they get into their music.A great way to start the Christmas season.

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