5th Grade Program

Our Betsy Ross

Tonight was the 5th grade program and Kelly’s big night.  The play was about the Revolutionary War.  Kelly played Betsy Ross.  She had one of the lead roles and we were so excited to watch her perform.  She also had a special guest come and watch her….her Godmother, Shelly.  What a nice treat that was for Kelly.

Kelly and three others, narrated throughout the whole play and gave many details of this time period.  They also sang a number of songs and ended with an impressive song called, “Fifty Nifty United States” in which they memorized all 5o states, in order, while singing them as well.  Very cool!

The cast sings, "Tell Us Betsy"

It was a fun night for everyone and a well deserved one.  These kids started practicing for this play back in October and they were very well prepared.  They did a beautiful job.  Congrats Kel!   You’re a wonderful actress.



  1. Ah yes, we all had to memorize the states in a song. I can’t remember it anymore, but I know others who can (Tif). lol. Congrats Kelly! Your costume is adorable. Wish I could have seen the performance!

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