Holiday Visitors

Tom, Jake, Megan, Sam & Sue

Last night, we had a visit from our good friends, Tom & Sue Lorentz and their boys Jake and Sam.   This was an impromptu visit that happened to work out perfectly and we had such a good time.  Sue texted me around 5:00 asking if they could come over and I just happened to have a huge crock-pot full of food, so I said yes, come over and have dinner with us.

The reason for the visit was to bring Megan a belated birthday gift because they had to cancel on the night of her birthday when they were going to join us for dinner.  Megan got a super cute pair of slippers and a scarf, which she loves to wear these days.

Cozy slippers!

After the gift opening, Megan and Kelly took the boys downstairs and taught them how to play Lego Star Wars on our Xbox.  It wasn’t a tough job, those boys picked up on that with no problems and were on their own in no time with the controllers in their hands, killing the bad guys.  Amazing!

Kelly helps Jake get started

While the kids played downstairs, we adults enjoyed some beverages and good conversation upstairs.  Whenever you’re with the Lorentz’s, you’ll be guaranteed to have many laughs.  We certainly did just that.

The Holidays have just begun, and already I’m enjoying so much of it.  Tonight, our family will go to church and then open gifts.  The girls are getting excited I can tell.  Okay….so am I!

Merry Christmas!!!


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