Christmas Times

Christmas at Uncle Jims

Christmas is over for 2010 and once again, we are fortunate to have had a wonderful holiday and got a chance to visit with family and friends.  Christmas number one, was spent over at my brother Jim’s house on Christmas day.  He and his girlfriend, Sandra, hosted the event and made a fabulous ham dinner and Sandra made us an authentic Puerto Rican drink called, Coquito, which is similar to Bailey’s.  Coquito means, “coconut” in spanish.  Very tasty.

Our second Christmas was in Wisconsin.  We drove over the river and through the woods to get to Sheboygan Falls and when we arrived, we were greeted by Grandma and Grandpa Solberg.  We enjoyed some time alone with them on our first day and then we celebrated Christmas the next day with Chad, Jody and the girls, and Uncle Brett.  Megan and Kelly always enjoy spending time with their cousins, Hayley & Melanie.  This time was no exception.  It always takes a little bit of time to warm up to each other, but soon after, we parents are yelling, “hey, quiet down or hey, slow down!”   This continues the entire day, as they hang out and have some fun.  Eventually we win out because we put in a movie/ video and they end up sitting down to watch it.

Megan, Hayley & Kelly at the "snack bar"

We are now back home enjoying our own family once again by watching the Vikings play on Tuesday Night Football…no, I didn’t mean Monday Night Football, there was a blizzard on Sunday night when they were suppose to play in Philadelphia, so it’s being played tonight.  This worked out well for us, because I’m not sure those Packer fans would’ve been on our side if we had to watch it in Wisconsin.  They don’t like to cheer for the Vikings unless it benefits them….Favre or no Favre.

When I got home from the long drive today, I had some energy, so I took down all of our Christmas decorations and the girls helped out by taking down all of the ornaments off the tree.  So we are now ready to move on to New Years Eve.  Tomorrow I start planning the grocery list for our party and then most likely do the shopping as well.  But for now, I’m going to enjoy the rest of tonight and just relax.

I hope you enjoyed your holiday this year!

I love my new boots!



  1. What a wonderful Christmas you had with all your family ,i am impressed that you have taken down all the Christmas decs if you still have energy we have some you can take down.
    Have a great new years party,looking forward to your blog

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