Kelly, Grace & Megan ring in the New Year!

We brought in 2011 last night with a house full of people!  Our good friends that we see monthly were able to make a night of it with us.  We had tons of food, lots of laughs and even had all the party hats & horns and of course, some champagne at midnight.  A lot of the night was spent playing on our new Kinect.  This was so much fun and got everyone involved in the fun, even if you were just watching.  Seeing two grown men do a dance video together was the highlight of our night.  Especially when the word FAILED came across the screen.  They thought they were doing so well too!

Tim & Mike go for it on the dance floor!

We had a busy couple of days working up to this fun night.  Lots of food preparation and cleaning of the house.  Not sure why we spend so much time cleaning when we know very well that we’ll be cleaning it again the next day!  I guess you can’t help yourself, you just want a clean house for you guests.

This is only half the food, the island is full too!

The food was so delicious and we even tried some new recipes along with our favorites.  Nate made a wonderful antipasto platter and his yummy bruschetta…always a fan favorite.  I made a couple of crock-pots filled with wild-rice soup and one with barbecue chicken for tacos.  We had assortment of cheeses & crackers, dips and even a chocolate fondue pot with fruit, pretzels marshmallows and angel food cake for dipping.  Oh, so good!

Gabby, Grace & Kelly... and chocolate!

We girls started our evening out with chocolate martini’s, while the men enjoyed some beer.  Later we switched over to wine and then ended with our champagne and the kids had their special drinks too….sparkling grape juice.  Looks just like grown-up champagne and works perfectly for toasting at midnight.

Terri & I enjoying a chocolate martini

This morning was spent cleaning up and putting things back to where they belong.  One benefit of hosting a party like this, is all the leftover food that we get to enjoy and graze on all afternoon.  I won’t need to cook for a couple of days and that’s okay with me.

I hope you all had a great night and may happiness & health be with you in 2011!  Happy New Year!

Nate always looks good in hats.


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