Mid-Winter Concert

The drum section keeps the beat!

Tonight, Kelly had her first band concert as a percussionist.  The first-year band played many songs ranging from a simple three note song to a wonderful holiday medley to Ode to Joy with the sixth-grade band.  These kids sounded wonderful for their first time playing together as a band and they have only had their instruments since September.  There is a new band director as well, and we sure have noticed a pleasant change in the program.  I think it was getting a bit “stale” with the previous band director and this new guy has brought in some life and has really challenged the members on each of their instruments.

Kelly was very excited for tonight’s performance.  She played three songs on the snare drum, two on the bells and two on the base drum.  There are three percussionists in the fifth grade band, so they get a chance to rotate on these different instruments. That’s something Kelly really enjoys about being a percussionist.  I have to agree, it’s what I liked as well.  I wanted to learn to play everything back there in that drum section.

Great concert Kelly.  We’re looking forward to another one this spring!



  1. So glad that Kelly enjoyed her first performance that she had a chance to play the snare and drums and bells great varity.
    Did you not miss the same speech and the same songs!!!!!

  2. In a way it was a little strange. I used to be able to talk along with the monologue like it was a memorized movie quote. But, like Bill Murray says at the end of Groundhog Day, “Anything new is good!”

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